Call for Papers

Women's Link

Sarojini Naidu Centre for Women’s Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia's Peer Reviewed Quarterly Journal Women’s Link for its 25th Volume of January–March-2019 calls for papers on the theme: Women and Literature.

Sub themes: 

  •  History and importance of women ‘s literature 
  •  Women in Literature 
  •  Women and Fiction 
  •  Portrayal of women in literature 
  •  Depiction of women in Indian poetry 
  •  Poetry and women’s issues. 
  •  Indian regional poetry in the 20th century 
  •  Literature and the Feminist discourse 
  •  Women and the Contemporary fiction writers 
  •  Description of the womenfolk in novels 
  •  Female Critics and the Female Voice 
  •  Female Identity, Indian Literature and Culture 
  •  Academic works on literary feminism: Critique and Summary 
  •  Body, Self, Women and Literature, Other relevant themes/topics. 

Last Date of Submission 31 January 2019
Email your submission to: [email protected] 
Word Limit: 4000-4500 

For any query contact to:
Prof. Sabiha Hussain (Editor) 
Dr Meher Fatima Hussain (Associate Editor) 
Dr Adfer Rashid Shah (Associate Editor)

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